Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today is the start of Fashion Week Fashion Nine Days in Paris!  I'm really excited - I've never really been in a city that has a fashion week/nine days before!  And yes, I know I can't get into anywhere or anything, but I think my darling brother and I might just show up outside the Chanel show.... you know, on the off chance that they have two extra seats or something, or just to see all the beautiful people doing their thing.
Yesterday Alexandra was here and we had an absolutely incredible time!  Thank you, Alex!!  See you in Budapest...
I also wanted to gauge interest in a new project I'm thinking of doing on the blog.  Would you guys be interested in reading about the different arrondissements of Paris?  Perhaps not absolute arrondissements, but little bits of neighbourhoods once a week?  I would maybe start next Tuesday, if you wanted to hear about it... what do you think?
Happy Tuesday!

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