Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing A Room

At home I have my own room, but here in Paris (and last summer in Switzerland), my sister and I share a bedroom.  In Switzerland, it got a little cramped - I couldn't stand up in the room, there was only one bed, and Ursula has a tendency to roll and sprawl... it's kind of cute sometimes, actually.  Here, it's much better - there are high ceilings and two beds and enough room so that if we want to be closer it's a decision we can make, not something forced on us.  The only problem is that we're both not the cleanest people.
Our brother makes his bed every morning before school (even here), and I seriously don't know how that happens.  Sometimes I can barely put my clothes away... and neither can Urs, so our room is a bit of a disaster area, but you know.  We're both okay with it this way for now.  My parents keep joking that I will be the worst college roommate ever, but to my future roommate: I promise I'll be better and clean up and make my bed and not leave shoes lying in the middle of the room.  I also won't let the alarm clock ring for hours and wake you up while not getting up myself, like Kuzu's roommate did for a while.... Don't worry!  I'll be good!

(I believe that the photo above is from Design Sponge or Apartment Therapy, but I'm not entirely sure!  I'm sorry!  If anyone knows where the photo came from, any help would be appreciated!)

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