Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rose Cake

Friday is my darling baby sister's twelfth birthday (twelve!  Ursula will be twelve!), so for the rest of the week, this will probably be devoted to 1) Ursula and 2) Birthday plans.  I'm sorry if you don't like either of those things (um, what?), but it's my baby sister who is worried about having her birthday away from all of her friends and in a foreign country where she doesn't speak the language so guess what she gets whatever she wants.
In the past, I have been in charge of the cake.  Not the baking part - I can make decent bread pudding and that's about it - but the decorating part.  In the past we have had a tree cake, a monkey cake, and a cake with lambs on it.  I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to decorating these things - I just kind of approximate a lamb - but I enjoy it, and this year, since she has not specified (even if she has, this is what's going to happen), I get to do what I like.
A little while back, the extremely talented woman behind I Am Baker posted a design for a Rose Cake, and I fell in love.
Ursula wants the inside to be "regular chocolate," and that's fine with me, because I can't do normal layers, let alone vertical layers.  But I think I can do flowers, so that's what's going to happen.  Beautiful, right?  I thought it was so sophisticated and sweet for a very special twelfth birthday for my darling girl.


  1. Gosh, that cake is divine!! Love the vertical layers...how incredible. My Mom used to make all my sister and my b'day cakes; and they were spectacular!! Love that you are doing this for your sis..so sweet! What's your bread pudding recipe; please share, would love to make it!
    Thanks for the comment on the elephant pics. Where in S.A did you visit? I can't believe they made you take photos with flash in front of the elephants. Actually, I can, they do that there, lol!

  2. Isn't it lovely? I'll have a bread pudding post at some point, I promise.
    We were mainly near Durban/Pietermaritzburg, but I think that was up near Mozambique? Yes, it was a little odd...
    Thank you!