Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Kill A Mockingbird

For her "English class" - the one that I'm vaguely teaching by giving her books to read and writing out the "how to write a great essay" checklist that one of my favourite high school teachers gave his classes - Ursula is reading To Kill A Mockingbird. And, as far as I can tell, she loves it.  It makes me somewhat proud that she'll stay up late reading that rather than her new Theodosia book (more on those later - they're also pretty amazing), that she was so upset that she almost cried at the end of the trial scene, and that she can look at me and say "Atticus is kind of like Daddy, you know?"  Which makes me want to go "yes, yes, yes, Atticus is kind of like Daddy, I absolutely agree," but I digress.
Have you ever read To Kill A Mockingbird?  Did you like it?  I think that at her age - eleven-almost-twelve - she's getting to it at an age where she'll understand it but it will also change the way she thinks.  I remember reading it at her age and feeling like my whole world had opened up.  Did you feel this way when you read it?  Let me know!
On an unrelated note, yesterday was an amazing day.  Not only did we make it to the Chanel show - we also watched the Barcelona-Arsenal game and Barcelona won!

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