Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesdays are Sleeping-In Days

At Ursula's school, the kids have Wednesday off, which meant that we all kind of slept in today - not a bad day to sleep in given that it's cold and grey outside.  I have thus far spent the day reading Infinite Jest and making espresso in an attempt to show my father that I should get the machine when I go off to college and we return home to the trusty French Press machine that makes more than a half-cup of coffee at a time.  Seriously, in a house where three people drink coffee, the espresso machine is a little small.
Anyways, how about a ridiculously light-filled room to wake everyone else up?  It's like seven on the East Coast, right?  Here you are...

Amazing, right?  Seriously, if I lived here I would never leave my room and survive on books and Lapsang Souchong for the rest of my days.
At home, I have a skylight above my bed, but nothing like this, and I have to say that it's way harder to wake up without it.  There was something about the light in my room that just made it easier to get out of bed, and while we have a window in our room here in Paris, we keep the curtains closed at night, which rather hinders the flow of natural light...
Anyways, have a lovely Wednesday morning!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)


  1. Isn't it? It feels cozy but also airy, don't you think?

  2. My room next year will have a skylight! I'm hoping it will be airy and nice without being too greenhouse-like.

  3. Wait, seriously!? I'm so jealous.... I miss my skylight in Cambridge.
    What house are you in?