Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, Monday...

It's been kind of a slow day today (my brother made us an incredible meal last night, and I'm still recovering), but here is my exciting news.
You guys know the website The Sartorialist, right?  Well, my father is on it!  In the background, but still...

He's the chap in jeans with lots of hair (I get the hair thing from him) to the right.  Cool, yes?  Or am I overreacting?
(Photo from the sartorialist.  That's kind of obvious)


  1. AWESOME! Where was he? Is he carrying camera equipment?

  2. Well, the Sartorialist was kind of over on the pavement (not the cobblestones) - he had a camera!
    My father was just walking by.
    Pretty cool, right?!