Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello from Copenhagen!

Where did I last write from?  Prague?  This trip feels more unreal every day, but today was absolutely lovely.
The lovely Alexandra and I are staying in a hotel in Copenhagen, and it was just the thing we needed.  After two weeks of hostels where people barge in at three in the morning and get up at five and uncomfortable crowded overnight trains, sleeping in a real bed and taking a hot shower feel incredible.
Copenhagen reminds me a lot of the Cape, actually.  Denmark thus far has been lovely and crisp and blue - all the things that remind me of New England seashore summers.  While we spent basically all yesterday at the incredible Tivoli gardens (where I went on my first roller-coaster ever), today we dedicated to seeing something other than an amusement park.
We walked through the city to the Rosenborg Castle, which sits in the middle of the city's oldest public park.  There we saw the Danish crown jewels (as well as the wine that they keep in the treasury) and the lovely gilded rooms that the Royal Family once lived in.  We also visited the nearby Staatens Museum for Kunst, or the National Gallery, which is lovely and free and I highly reccomend it if you're visiting Copenhagen!  The city is lovely and it seems that all of the Danes are fit and healthy and well-dressed - a bit intimidating to the weary traveller!
Tomorrow we leave Denmark for Amsterdam and beyond...
Again, I'm sorry for the shoddy posting!
Does anyone have any suggestions for Copenhagen or Amsterdam?

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