Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Paris: Rue Daguerre

Just around the corner from where I live with my family in the fourteenth is Rue Daguerre - a market street full of life, and one of the places that I had to visit almost immediately after my incredible trip with the amazing Alexandra to remind myself that I was home.  Cobblestones shining in the rain, the twenty or so shops that line the mainly pedestrian street, the shopgirls who know me - it all hits home the fact that I live in Paris.
Personally, my favourite place to go for fruit and vegetables (there are three or so shops) is Paradis de Fruits, charmingly full of haricots verts and oranges, and where we bought the best strawberries I have ever tasted in my entire life.
My father goes out every morning to Thévenin to buy our morning bread and croissants.  It is without question the best bakery near our house, so good that after school little children line up with their allowance to buy éclairs and macarons and on Sundays a line stretches out every morning.  However, it is closed on Wednesdays, in which case the bakery on the corner isn't bad either.
Rue Daguerre is also home to Café d'Enfer, really one of the best places I have ever eaten but out of an every-day price range, so it is our special-occasions restaurant.  I highly highly suggest the lentil cappuccino in winter as an appetizer, and the p'tit d'enfer as a desert.
I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Paris!

(photo from here)


  1. Sounds divine! I can't believe you live in Paris! I wish I had spoken to you before our trip there last summer. Well, let's hope I get to visit again, someday!
    What I'd do for a croissant right now ;)

  2. I'm sure you'll visit again!
    And yes, I'm not sure how I'll go to college in the States without them