Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Travel With Friends

Lonely Planet recently posted an article called "How To Travel With Friends (And Not Kill Them)".  Having recently finished my trip with the excellent Alexandra, I agreed on some things... and not on others.  Alexandra and I have similar personalities, but not the same interests - she did a lot more math and science, while I focused on the humanities, and we were excited about different places - I wanted to see Florence and she wanted to see Copenhagen.  But we travelled well together.  Spending every waking moment for a month with the same person isn't as suffocating as it sounds, I promise; we split up in Oxford a couple of times for a few hours and that was it.  Just getting from London to Paris by myself without a companion seemed suddenly lonely and long.  I wasn't ready to kill her by the time the trip was over - I wasn't even ready for it to be over!
Have you travelled with friends before?  What was your experience like?


  1. I dont hav eyour email Bronwyn,
    But you were so right about the Drake essay - I forgot the subject...must correct that.
    And I loved the 'Understanding Chic' essay.
    Merci carolg

  2. They'd have to be pretty good friends... I remember some pretty excruciating road trips and they were just 8 hours long!