Monday, June 6, 2011

Home For Dinner

For the past two days the lovely Alexandra and I have been enjoying ourselves in Amsterdam, visiting museums and taking boats down the canals and experiencing the first rain of our trip. But tomorrow we pack up here, spend the day in Brussels, and be home in Paris for dinner.
That's a weird concept. After almost three weeks away from my family, I can't wait to see them again, to spend time with my incredible parents and my darling siblings, to tell them all about this adventure we've been on. And I know that it isn't actually the end of our trip - we still have London and Oxford to visit. But we're at the end of our new places, our uncharted unknown territory. Our maps of Paris and London and Oxford already exist, so this kind of feels like the end. We've been seeing the world, sleeping in unfamiliar places and meeting new people, having experiences I wasn't sure I would ever have, and tomorrow we will be home for dinner.
I promise you better updates in the next couple of days! Thank you for being so patient!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bronwyn,

    Oh you must be having the best of times, visiting all these fabulous places.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.