Friday, February 25, 2011

Amy Pond

The lovely Amelia Pond (or Karen Gillan, if you want to be technical).  From here.

I'm sorry I'm late posting today - I've spent the morning studying for a French exam...
Anyways, here goes.
If you are familiar with the classic British television show Doctor Who, you know that there have been 11 doctors, this last one being Matt Smith.  Most people I know think that David Tennant (the tenth doctor) was a superior doctor, but I disagree.  Matt Smith  - the youngest, most adorably awkward doctor yet - is my favourite.  And this is partly because of his companion, Amelia Pond (also because bow ties are cool).
Amelia Pond (or Amy) is headstrong and gorgeous and Scottish and basically just the coolest person around.  Everything I want to be, really.  But the point is, at one point she says "I got my spaceship, I got my boys - my work here is done."  And that I can identify with.  Not the spaceship part, obviously.  But the boys.  I got my boys, too, Pond.
"My boys" generally means Mike and Caleb - one of my best friends and my brother - but it can expand to mean the group of awkward and nerdy boys I hung out with in high school (the male contingent of our friend group).  They're generally lovely, often tactless, almost always funny.  If you weren't an overly bookish kid like me, maybe you don't know the type, but I spent four years proofreading essays (again, Mike, I'm really sorry about that Wuthering Heights essay) and they spent four years helping me with calculus (thank you, Mike, for explaining the chain rule the day of the exam).  They also do things like call when you're sick and talk to you late at night/early in the morning and yell at people for you.  They sit on the train with you for four years straight and occasionally play house, but mostly do the crossword and that morning's homework.
Brothers are a little different.  Brothers not only yell at people for you, they will occasionally make vague threats and glare at boyfriends.  My darling brother has sight-read the piano part for choral sheet music that I've brought home even though he has other work and last summer we spent five days on our own in Paris.  He is also an excellent judge of character, so um, if Caleb doesn't like you, it probably means we can't be friends (sorry).  We share a love of chocolate and good food, and even if he does mock my musical tastes, sometimes I mock his, so it's all good.
Amy Pond's boys were the Doctor and her fiancé - and mine are my best friend and my brother.  I think I won.

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