Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A love letter

picture of the Charles from here.

I leave for France today.  In less than 24 hours, I'm getting on a plane and leaving my life here behind.
Goodbye, beloved city!  Goodbye, Marlborough Street in the springtime, when the flowering trees close over you so that you're biking in a tunnel of flowers!  Goodbye, lovely hospital and wind on the Charles and sailing by the salt-and-pepper bridge!  Goodbye, long runs on the Esplanade and down by Weeks footbridge!  Goodbye, Toscaninis with the best mango ice-cream and the Andala with cardamom-spiked tea!  My city is vibrant and alive and stunning - goodbye, twisty financial district roads and the Back Bay and the many one-way streets of Cambridge!  Goodbye, hot humid summer nights and muddy March, goodbye that one glorious week when the lilacs bloom!  Goodbye, slow and screeching Green Line and the Red Line crammed with exhausted residents!  Goodbye, MIT and your domes and the fancy biotech companies of Kendall!  Goodbye, brick buildings of Harvard!  Goodbye, my thriving and teeming city!
I love where I live.  I love the city where I have grown up, I love my bedroom with the pointe shoes hanging on the wall and the quilt I made in sophomore year.  I love all of the books stacked on the floor because they don't fit into my shelves.  I love my home.  But I also love the idea of travel, my wanderlust kicking in and making me giddy with excitement.  Goodbye, beloved city!  Paris, here I come!

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