Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday is the best day

Yesterday was incredible!  After a pretty late start, the entire family hiked out to a flea market a little south of the city.  There we found things like WWI model planes and ancient rosaries and full sets of silverware with family crests.  Although we didn't buy anything, it was pretty incredible to see all the stuff people were selling (and to indulge in speculation like "if I had a million euros" and "where would we put that if we got it?").
After the flea market, we walked another couple of blocks to a covered book market at a park where I bought a German anatomy poster from the 1800s and my darling sister bought a picture of a hot-air balloon and a Tintin book.  Did you ever read those when you were kids?
Tea at my favourite place, Le Loir Dans La Théière in the Marais, and hot baths on a chilly day once we got home... what could be better?
Oh yes, now I remember.  Kuzu has a dress-up day at her college where she has to dress up like a rock star.  Which obviously meant dress up like David Bowie in Labyrinth.....
How was your weekend?

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