Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

This is not really a thing for me.  In my house, my father brings home flowers and sometimes we all exchange cards and then have something with raspberries and chocolate.  I have spent one (actually two I think - nevermind) Valentine's day in a relationship.  The Valentine's day I remember (the first one - that's weird) was spent happily with my family in the Andala coffeehouse making cards with crayons and eating goat cheese with honey and then driving up to Vermont with family friends and playing poker.  Oh, and I also got a bookmark pen from the family friends with an Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote on it.
Oh, other thing I can't get over - St. Valentine's Day is a saints day.  The guy died for what he believed in, and then consumerism kind of ran with it.  So, you know... it doesn't really make sense.  Oh, well.
Yesterday my family went out for dinner (we were the only non-couple in the restaurant) and I started classes!  How was your Valentine's Day?

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